how this all started

Update  5 March 2007 – If I’m going to be serious about this blog, then I really need to do more than provide a sketch.

About a year and a half ago I tok a drop spindle class at Deep Color, a shop in Kensington, California. Although the results weren’t outstanding,

I was hooked. It all came together when I went to the Rhinebeck festival. When I first heard about it, I thought Rhinebeck had been going on for years.  But it seems to be less than ten years old.  It’s glorious.

talked with a friend who’s an avid spinner, tried four wheels and then I was ready.
I bought a wheel.

And then the fun started.

I had come back from Rhinebeck with two bags of rovings, one tealish blue and one not-so-lovely ocher that was a gift. I spun the ochre up first, figuring that it wouldn’t matter so much what happened to it. It didn’t come out badly. Here are some initial singles spun from it and some random grey stuff I had from the class:

first skeins

There’s also some blue stuff mixed in from my learning exercises on Robin’s wheel. I spun up the first bag of wool in a few obsessive days. It came out like the picture (underexposed) below
dull phot, first bobbin

As crappy as that picture is, I’m proud of that first step,which turned into the following huge skein of less crappy looking yarn.

first full skein

Some slubs and some overspin, but not bad for a first time.

Hello world!

This is my spinning blog.  I’ve got an opinion one somewhere else on the web, but this one is all about fiber, spinning, and what will I do with all this yarn.